Frequently Asked Questions

Will my toll costs go up with AET?

Toll costs have not been increased as a result of the new AET facility. Below is an overview of toll costs:

  • If you are a current E-ZPass customer, your costs have not increased.
  • If you are not currently a New Hampshire E-ZPass customer, you can purchase a New Hampshire E-ZPass transponder on the NH EZ-Pass website for $6.69. New Hampshire customers (with class 1-4 vehicles) receive a 30% discount on New Hampshire tolls with a New Hampshire E-ZPass account.
  • If you are not a New Hampshire resident, you can still purchase a New Hampshire E-ZPass transponder on the NH E-ZPass website for $6.69 and qualify for the discounted toll rates!

What if I don’t have an E-ZPass?

If you don’t have an E-ZPass and go through the toll plaza, you can use:

We strongly recommend that travelers sign up for E-ZPass if they will be using the Turnpike system regularly. If you’re concerned about your privacy, we offer Anonymous Accounts at any E-ZPass Walk In Center (located in Concord, Portsmouth and Nashua). To see an application, go to Applications and Forms and click on the Anonymous Account Application package in the middle of the page. Providing personal information for these accounts is optional.

If you use the 7 Days to Pay option on the E-ZPass website, you can avoid the $1 administrative fee and pay only the toll rate.

Can I still pay my toll with cash?

No. All transactions are now electronic 24/7. However, you can pay your toll with our 7 Days To Pay program, where you go online to pay your toll within 7 days. If you choose not to do this, you will be invoiced for the toll amount, plus a $1 administrative fee, via mail. Want more details? Visit and scroll down to 7 Days To Pay.

You can also choose a cash-funded transponder account. Here’s how:

How is the AET project being funded?

The project is 100% funded by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Turnpikes toll revenues. No federal highway funding or taxpayer dollars are being used in the construction of these improvements.

Will there be traffic delays during construction?

No. There will be no traffic delays during the remainder of the construction. 

How do I get an E-Z Pass? Where are the E-Z Pass Walk In Centers?

You can go to for more information and to sign up for E-ZPass online. Or you can visit an E-ZPass Walk In Center, with locations in Concord (54 Regional Drive), Portsmouth (14 Manchester Square) and Nashua (110 Broad Street). All three locations are open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

How does the 7 Days To Pay program work?

This program allows you to go online and pay your toll without incurring the $1 administrative fee. For more details, visit and scroll down to 7 Days to Pay.

Why has NHDOT installed an AET system?

There are many good reasons to install AET. First, replacing traditional tollbooths with AET keeps vehicles moving at a consistent speed, reducing crashes and allowing vehicles to use the roadway safely. AET reduces vehicle emissions improving air quality for the same reason: vehicles are not braking, stopping and accelerating. Visit to learn more.

What are the environmental implications for this work?

AET systems have a positive effect on the environment because they reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for the same reason: vehicles are not braking, stopping and accelerating. This creates a measurable reduction in vehicle delays and associated idling fumes. Here are other environmental reasons:

When will this project be finished?

The new AET system is now available full time. No cash is accepted on the Spaulding Turnpike toll plazas. All construction will be completed in Spring 2023.

Will the new system make my commute faster?

Yes, because you will no longer have to slow down to pay a toll or encounter congestion at tolling plazas.

When will AET be available full time at the Dover and Rochester toll facilities?

AET is now available at those toll facilities 24/7.